How To Make Welding Machine


How To Make Welding Machine

Yes guys you can make a welding machine at home itself just by following simple steps. well people will think how a welding machine can be made in home but trust me guys it is as simple as that as you know that buying a welding machine costs much more so without wasting of your much time lets start in  How To Make Welding Machine.

Things Needed To Make a Welding Machine:-
  • Microwave Oven Transformer
Image result for microwave oven transformerImage result for microwave oven transformer
  • Copper Wires

Image result for copper wire

  • Welding Rods

Related image

Caution:- As it needs high voltage current and creates a lot of heat so you could die or get blind please wear proper safety tools.

So Let’s Start :-

Step 1:- So the first step is to get the transformer and you have to chop the thin wire of the transformer see the image below:-

Related image

So chop both the transformers one by one

But you should not chop the thick copper wire of the transformer as that is the main part of our machine.

Second Step:-

As you have chopped the thin copper wire of the transformer so the next step to take 4.5 mm of insulated copper wire and wound it to the transformer for each transformer you should wound the wire 20 times

See the image below:-

See the diagram below:-

So now connect the wires according to the above images

as you can see how to connect two transformers with 220 volts and others wires with welding electrodes

So as our welding machine is ready so start welding now

So friends please follow the above process and do it with safety

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