How To Make Electric Bike


How To Make Electric Bike

As you know friends petrol prices are going high and high and our government is doing nothing to control the prices 

so what we can do to save fuel prices the simplest way is to make a electric bike charge it and roam where ever you want 

For making an electric bike you need a low investment and some tech skills 

so friends let’s start:-

Ok we need some electric bike kit which is available online and you can purchase at your nearest shop if available

Link for buying electric bike kit:-

So from the above link you can buy your electric bike kit according to your budget

Things needed for electric bike:-

  • Bicycle
  • Electric bike kit
  • Batteries (36 volts)

Step 1 :-

First connect motor to your cycle you can connect your cycle with motor as you want  and if difficulties arrive take the help of any technician 

see the images below:-

Second 2 :-

Now install batteries to the cycle install in that way that it would be comfortable for you to charge it or remove it whenever you want

Step 3:-

Now we have installed batteries its time to install control box came with the kit 

See the diagram and images below:-

Step 4:-

Now install throttle to the cycle 

So all set now your electric bike is ready charge it and roam and save money off course 

if you don’t want to do all these things you can buy an electric cycle from below:-

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